Sometimes we may wonder what do young generation have in common in United States, how they change now and then. do they get higher and higher education? do they live with parents or own their own house? Then, this visualization could answer these questions. We get the data of young adults in several aspects, for example, the young adults population, race distribution, education level, get married or not, income level, occupation and so on. Besides, we get the specific data from different states and in different time period, specifically, with the data per ten years. Hence, by this visualization, we could get a more clear understanding of the American young adults. In addition, we could also find some trend that may be maintained or expanded in the near future.

Created by

Wenting Zhu

Designed for

CMPS 263: Data Visualization, Spring 2018

Data Sources

U.S Census official website

Visualization Sources

Data Driven Documents




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